Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan. Ramadan creates the opportunity to make our body fit and healthy. The importance of the month of Ramadan for the Muslims is profound. Allah made fasting obligatory for the benefit of Muslims on this holy month. Observe fast is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is quite healthy if it is properly fasted through balanced diet. Many people think that observe fasting is harmful to health which is totally wrong. According to medical science, fasting also acts as a preventive method of many unnatural decay of the body. Let’s know some of the benefits of fasting according to health sciences.

1. For obese people:

benefits of fasting for obese people

Many people suffer from excessive intake of food problems. Therefore, Islam does not favor the adoption of excess food. Extra feeding causes excess fat to accumulate in the body, resulting in abnormal fat which inhibits normal healthy life. This fat can accumulate in the vein of the heart. Due to this, normal blood flow cannot be done throughout the body. But in fasting condition, the level of abnormal fat deposition reduced. However, these patients will eat light food in iftar and sehri.

2. Fasting is useful for high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma patients:

benefits of fasting for heart disease

Due to fasting, the levels of harmful fat are reduced in the blood. As a result, the risk of heart disease is greatly reduced. Stress hormones are less absorbed by fasting condition , so the immune system becomes stronger. Fasting keeps the mind comfortable and anxiety free, increased attention to work. It is very good for patients with high blood pressure. the patients with asthma problem, also get benefited during fasting.

3.Fasting for diabetes patient:

benefits of fasting for diabetes patient

Fasting is very important for people with diabetes who want to control diabetes. However, it should be ensured that hypoglycaemia does not happen. Those who have received insulin for more than 2 times, it is best for them to fast according to a doctor’s advice.

4. Fasting for ulcer patients:

It is often seen that patients with ulcers have been well-advised to keep fast. But they must follow their physician’s advice about meal plan.

5. Fasting reduces smoking:

We all very well-known to the fact that smoking is harmful for health. Long before the discovery of scientific cause of the harmful effect of smoking, Islam forbade smoking. Lung cancer can be caused by smoking. Those people whose are addicted to smoking will be able to refrain it from fasting. It may be said that Ramjan month is the best time to quit smoking.

6. Others benefits:

Due to fasting, many of the bacterial pathogenic organisms are destroyed. For a full month’s fasting, the tongue and salivary glands get rest. As a result, they become refresh and the appetite level reach to a positive sign. Especially for those who have lost their appetite by overeating, smoking or drinking. Throughout the whole year, fasting for a whole month results in restness of all the body parts. Various types of kidney and urinary tract infections are likely to be cured. Many people become Hypertrophy of the Stomach due to overeating. Due to the fasting, an enlarged stomach comes back to its normal state and holds its actual condition.

Above all, fasting is very important for mental health. If you are sick, then you have to keep fasting with the doctor’s advice. Health researchers believe that due to the consumption of extra food, inedible, adulterated food throughout the year, organic compounds are stored in our body which is very harmful for the body. If we fast for a full month, then these toxins will be removed from the body. Our body will be toxin-free. the almighty, Allah decide the best for us of all means. the way He choose for us, nothing is better than that. so fasting of the holy month of Ramadan keeps you more lively and healthy.

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