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২৮/০২/২০১৬ এর The Daily Star পত্রিকার Editorial এর গুরুত্বপূর্ণ শব্দগুলোর অর্থ এবং Synonym

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The Daily star Editorial : 28-02-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Tragedy: দুঃখজনক ঘটনা,
Strike: আঘাত করা, বিদ্ধ করা, ধর্মঘট (Hit Beat, kill)
Along With:সহ, সাথে
Accumulation:আহরণ, সংগ্রহ, সঞ্চয়
Convalesce:ক্রমে সুস্থ হওয়া
Leak:ফুটো, ছিদ্র (Aperture, Hole)
Trigger: সূত্রপাত
Wake Up:জেগে ওঠা
Vigilant:সতর্ক, (Cautious)
Maintenance:রক্ষণ (Protection, Defense)
Utility:উপযোগ (Usefulness, Effectiveness)
Adopt:গ্রহণ করা, অবলম্বন করা
Ventilation:বায়ুচলাচল (Airspace)
Turn Off:বন্ধ করা।
Disseminating:প্রচার করা (Proclaim, Disclose)

Tragedy strikes family

Check gas connections regularly

We find it difficult to express our sorrow for the family of Shalin bin Nawaz who, along withhis wife, are fighting for their lives due to the fire caused by gas accumulation in the kitchen at their apartment on February 26. Mr. Nawaz’s two sons have died while a third is convalescing in Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The couple are in a critical medical condition. According to reports fire department officials have stated that there was a possibility of a gas leak which led to an accumulation of gas in the kitchen that triggered the explosion.

We will have to wait for the official inquiry to be concluded on what caused the explosion. However, this should serve as a wakeup call for every apartment resident to regularly check gas connections and for landlords to be more vigilant about maintenance. Authorities have a duty to perform monthly checks on gas lines for perforations in the line, because at the end of the day, utility authorities have a duty to make sure their lines are safe at the customer level. There is of course also a question of raising public awareness regarding the safety measures that should be adopted while using gas stoves such as making sure there is some form of ventilation in kitchens and remembering to turn off the stove after use. For this the electronic media need to be involved in disseminating information on how to maintain safety with gas connections.

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