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The Daily star Editorial : 26-02-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Police(Verb): মার্জিত করা, পরিস্কার করা(Cleanse, Scour)
Eviction:উচ্ছেদ (Displacement, Eradication)
Drive: পরিচালনা করা, (Operate, Carry on)
Occupation:দখল (Grab, Control)
Measure:পরিমাপ, উপায়
Go Out:শেষ হত্তয়া, ত্যাগ করা, ছেড়ে যাওয়া
Launch: আরম্ভ করা, চালু করা।
Laudable:প্রশংসনীয় (Start, Commence, Originate)
Envision:কল্পনা করা
Well-made:সুসংস্কৃত (Properly constructed or manufactured)
Pavement:ফুটপাথ, ফাকা রাস্তা
Eke Out: অর্জন করা, লাভ করা।
Merchandise:পণ্যদ্রব্য (Commodities, Goods)
Cooperate:সহযোগিতা করা
Express: প্রকাশ করা।
Grievance:অভিযোগ, ক্ষোভ ( Complaint, Discontent)
well-Intention: সদিচ্ছা
Productive:উত্পাদনক্ষম, কার্যক্ষম

♦অনুবাদ করার চেষ্টা করুন♦

Freeing Footpaths

Who will police the police?

1) That a few members of the police force are standing in the way of the eviction drives by Dhaka South City Corporation, according to Mayor Sayeed Khokon, to free footpaths of illegal occupation in Gulshan area, seems a measure of how things have gone out of hand.

2)The mayor had launched the laudable initiative in December last year with the objective of clearing out street vendors in thatarea in 30 days.

3)That quite didn’t work out the way it was envisioned, with footpaths being re-occupied by vendors the same day they were evicted because of a few policemen, according to the mayor.

4)The well-made pavement free for pedestrians to walk on is a distant memory in this city.
5) According to several reports, more than 70 percent of the footpaths are occupied by different kinds of vendors who eke out a livingby selling all sorts merchandise.

6)How can the eviction drives of the city corporations be successful if the police do not cooperate? Under what circumstances a mayor has to express his grievances at a programme held at the National Press Club? How can the mayors be effective if they are not given enough power and support to do their job?

7)At the same time it is well to remember that eviction drives, no matter how well-intentioned, will not be productive withoutmaking arrangements for the rehabilitation of the hawkers.

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