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আজ ২২/০২/২০১৬ এর The Daily Star পত্রিকার Editorial এর গুরুত্বপূর্ণ শব্দগুলোর অর্থ

The daily star editorial of today. This editorial words are very important for job preparation and exam. You get daily update to our website Many job question have been seen to come out from the daily star editorial.We are here to relax your job preparation and exam. The daily star editorial of today is given below .

The Daily star Editorial : 22-02-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Domestic:গার্হস্থ্য, পারিবারিক
Set On fire: জ্বলে উঠার কারণ।
Protection:রক্ষা (Save, Defence)
Set Alight: প্রজ্বলিত করা
Disgust:বিতৃষ্ণা, ঘৃণা (Phobia, Hate)
Collusion : নির্লজ্জতা, ধৃষ্টতা
Mistress: গৃহিণী, স্ত্রী
Abetted:সাহায্য করা
Deprave:দূষিত করা (Deflower, Desecrate)
Manifest:উদ্ভাসিত করা, স্পষ্ট করা
Sadistic: অন্যকে নির্যাতন করে আনন্দ অনুভব করা
Vulnerable: অরক্ষিত
Violence:হিংস্রতা, নির্যাতন, জুলুম (Ferocity, Cruelty, Oppression)
Inflict: মারা, শাস্তি প্রদান করা
Sheer:নিছক, কেবল (Mere)
Fed:প্রতিপালিত করা, খাওয়ানো
Provision:বিধান, নিয়ম, ব্যবস্থা (Rule, Regulation, Law)
Rescue:উদ্ধার, মুক্তি ( Release, Recovery)
Shamed:লজ্জিত করান

Child domestic worker set on fire

Law and society must provide protection

The news of 12-year-old Purnima, being set alight by her employer and then left in a warehouse without any medical treatment, fills us with horror and disgust. That the couple who did this to her worked in collusion to carry on such torture on a child is all the more shocking. The mistress of the house regularly beat her and her husband did nothing to stop her. Rather, he abetted in the torture.

Such a depraved mindset has been manifested in many other cases that have been reported where the husband, wife and even children have participated in sadistic acts against domestic workers. The younger they are, the more vulnerable they become to the violence inflicted by their employers. Despite a draft policy being approved by the government that includes giving basic rights to domestic workers as guaranteed under the labour law, we are yet to see it being implemented. In the case of child domestic workers, their work often falls in the ‘hazardous jobs’ category and therefore should not be allowed in the first place. Unfortunately sheer poverty and the idea that their child will at least be fed three square meals force parents to send him/her to work in households.

We must therefore have clear legal provisions whereby a child worker can report abuse and be rescued before it is too late. While horrific cases like that of Purnima, who has severe burns all over her body, make the news, there are thousands of other children working in households who are regularly being tortured by their employers. Such behaviour must be publicly shamed and punished through a stringent legal process.

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