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The Daily star Editorial : 21-02-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Remembering:মনে করা, স্বরণ (Bearing in mind)
Spirit: চেতনা, উদ্দীপনা (Cognition, Enthusiasm)
Preserve:বাঁচাইয়া রাখা, সংরক্ষিত করা ( Protect, Maintain)
Pride:গর্ব, অহংকার, দম্ভ ( Arrogance, Boast, Bounce)
Passion: প্রচন্ড আবেগ (Strong emotion)
Unique:অনন্য, অদ্বিতীয়, তুলনাহীন ( Beyond Compare)
Precious:বহুমূল্য (Valuable)
Pioneering: অগ্রগামী, অগ্রণী ( Precursorive, preceding)
Invoke:ডাকা, আহবান করা ( Call, summon, Bid)
Inexplicable: ব্যাখ্যাতীত, অবক্তব্য ( Indescribable)
Bond: বন্ধন, সম্পর্ক, ঋণপত্র
Observance:রীতি, ক্রিয়া ( Practice, Custom)
Commemoration:স্মৃতিরক্ষা, উদযাপন
Assertion:কথন, দাবি, বিবৃতি ( Statement, Claim, Demand)
Oppression:নিপীড়ন, অত্যাচার (Torture, Repression)
Appeal:আবেদন, আকর্ষণ
Resonate: প্রতিধ্বনি সৃষ্টি করা
Uphold:তুলে ধরা
Dignity:মর্যাদা (Honor, Prestige)
Verge:কিনারা, প্রান্তে
Extinction:বিলুপ্তি, (Destruction, Finishing)
Indigenous:দেশজ, দেশীয়
Accord : মিল, সঙ্গতি, ঐকতান (Harmony, Compatibility)
Essence:সারমর্ম (Extract, Gist)
Acknowledge:স্বীকার করা
Pluralist:নানাত্ববাদী, বহুত্ববাদী
Obligation:দায়, দায়িত্ব ( Duty, Responsibility, Liability)
Embodies: যুক্ত করা, বাস্তবরূপ দান করা

Remembering Ekushey’s true spirit

All mother tongues must be preserved

TODAY is a day filled with pride and passion, for Bangalis in particular, being the flag bearers of a unique movement in which precious lives were sacrificed to uphold the honour of a mother tongue. The uniqueness of the Language Movement has been recognised by the world over, with February 21 being declared as the International Mother Language Day.

As the pioneering movement that led to our ultimate independence, Ekushey invokes the emotional attachment we have for our mother tongue, which provides us with our most basic identity and creates that inexplicable bond with our motherland. The observance of Ekushey is therefore not just a ritualistic commemoration but an assertion of our right to speak our language and our right to be free from oppression and discrimination. This is why Ekushey has such universal appeal and will resonate with people of all ethnicities.

And this is why as a nation, the foundation of which was created by our Language Martyrs and Heroes, we must uphold the spirit of their sacrifice and struggle by not only preserving the dignity of Bangla, the language of the majority, but all other languages of this land, some of which are on the verge of extinction.

It is unfortunate that we have not been able to ensure that children from indigenous communities receive primary education in their mother tongue, even though we pledged to do so 19 years ago through the signing of the CHT Peace Accord.

When we recognise the importance of mother tongues of all ethnic groups in our country, we are in essence, acknowledging their rights as equal citizens. As Ekushey symbolises our secular, pluralistic values as a nation, such acknowledgement is a moral obligation and embodies the true spirit that defines this day.

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