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The Daily star Editorial : 08-03-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Assault:হামলা, আক্রমণ (Onfall)
Represent: প্রতিনিধিত্ব করা
Resort:অবলম্বন, আশ্রয় ( Support, Shelter)
Interpreter:অনুবাদক, ব্যাখ্যাদানকারী
Aghast:ভীত (Appal)
Hostile : প্রতিকূল, বিরোধী
Impute:আরোপ করা, অভিযোগ করা
Implication:সংশ্লেষণ, তাৎপর্য, ইঙ্গিত (Tenor)
Echelon:পর্যায় (Stage, Level)
Vitriolic: বিধ্বংসী, গায়ে জ্বালা ধরানো
Controversial:বিতর্কিত (Polemic)
Prevail: জয়ী হওয়া, প্রবল হওয়া
Augur:ভবিষ্যদ্বাণী করা (Predict, Prophecy)
Unnerving:বলশূন্য বা শক্তিহীন করা
Spare: বিরত হওয়া, ক্ষমাপরায়ণ হওয়া।
Wrath:প্রচন্ড রাগ
Breach:লঙ্ঘন (Violation, Breaking)
Avenue:পথ, উপায়
Impinge:চড়াও হওয়া, ক্ষতিসাধন করা।
Unwarranted:অন্যায্য, অন্যায় ( Unjust, amiss)
Denigrate:কলঙ্কিত করা (Tarnish)
Stature:মর্যাদা (Dignity)

Assault on the Chief Justice

Enough is enough

The Chief Justice is far more than an individual. He is an institution, and of the three pillars of the state, he represents one of the most important columns. His office is the last resort for those who seek justice. His office is also the interpreter of the Constitution and is crucial in establishing a society based on justice and rule of law. We are, therefore, aghast at the blatantly hostile and direct assault on the Chief Justice that has been going on for the last few days. Not only have his credentials been questioned, motives have also been imputed to him.

This we see nothing but an expression of no confidence on the Chief Justice and, by implication, on the highest echelon of the judiciary itself. And such vitriolic comments are bound to make the country’s highest court of law controversial. If judgments are not passed following legal procedures, only the rule of jungle prevails. This cannot augur well for the government of the day. In this context, it is indeed unnerving that two senior ministers have chosen to attack the Chief Justice. Even the Attorney General has not been spared of their wrath.

Nobody is above the law. If there has been any breach of law by any quarter, the Constitution provides avenues to seek redress of that situation. But nothing should be uttered that might impinge on the work of the judiciary or question its independence.

We want an immediate stop to this unwarranted attack on the Chief Justice, because enough has been said that has slighted the judiciary and denigrated its importance and stature. Enough is enough. It must stop.

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